Solar Lights

Solar Powered Lighting

Solar power is more affordable than ever and is a zero running cost way to provide additional ambient illumination in the garden.

Solar is much cheaper to install compared with traditional mains lighting. Solar powered lighting is a great solution for areas that don’t have a local mains supply.

Performance and reliability in solar lighting have improved hugely in the last few years.

The use of LED bulbs has effectively reduced power required whilst also increasing illumination levels. Solar lights used to need a lot of direct sunlight in order to charge fully. The latest solar technology allows energy to be harvested much more efficiently in duller conditions. In the coming months and years solar technology will continue to advance.

There are lots of options of solar garden lighting on sale. Lanterns for wall mounting. Hanging or fixed post lighting. Varied fairy light designs. Recessed spot lighting for decking applications. Security Lighting with motion sensors. These lights will either have a wired panel that you can position nearby, or an integrated panel built into the top of the light unit itself. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of solar generation.

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Lights with solar panels built in usually need more sunlight because the panels are smaller and less efficient.

Being larger, external panels can harvest more energy faster than built in units. Replacing factory fitted rechargeable batteries with high quality batteries will improve your solar lights’ performance. Most factory fitted batteries are bought as cheaply as possible rather than being chosen for their long term performance.

Get the best Performance from your Lights

As with house buying, with solar lighting, it is all about location, location, location. If possible, place your lights in direct sunlight for the bulk of the day. The brighter the conditions, the better your lights will be able to perform for you.

Even though solar lights are designed to work in normal UK weather, things such as the shade of a tree will reduce performance. Advances in renewable technologies such as solar power are set to further improve lighting performance. The annual business sales of renewable energy solar products rises each year and is set to continue to do so.

Solar energy is good for the planet as it helps to preserve the planets precious fuel reserves while also reducing your energy bills, so get out there and buy solar lights today!